Following the success of the 2015 United World Karate Championships organized by SporTour in cooperation with the UWK World Federation and members of Slovenian Clubs, in March 2018 Slovenian Fudokan Federation and SporTour have joined forces to start working on delivering another major international karate event – the European Fudokan Championships.

The Championships which are to be held from December 5th to 9th are being organized under the auspices of the European Fudokan Association and the World Fudokan Association. The athletes will be competing in several different categories: cadets, juniors, members and veterans. Simultaneously the European Cup for children from 6 to 13 years old, the European Karate Championships and the European Championships for competitors with special needs, competing in the Paralympics category will be held.

More than 1000 competitors and over 200 accompanying judges, coaches, and managers are expected to arrive for the event to Bernardin Centre in Portorož.

SporTour’s main mission is to coordinate all the activities and assist Bernardin Group that is responsible for providing accommodation, catering and venues for the whole duration of the event.

Prof. dr Ilija Jorga from World Fudokan Association and the President of Slovenian Fudokan Association – Mr. Aljoša Lipavc are respossible for overseeing the whole evet planning process.