Management and Marketing

Management and marketing expertise, together with regulation compliance, will continue to be priorities of companies and organisations which want to go beyond the survival framework.

In spite of developing technology and differing operational platforms, experienced experts within our professional business group, SporTour, can provide the prime competitive advantage essential to ensure success.
The professional business support offered by SporTour operates globally. Its experts have carried out numerous projects and donated hundreds of hours assisting less developed national sporting federations and organisations around the globe.

Areas of our expertise
  • marketing and management consultancy for tourism and sports companies and organisations
  • creative business and organisational solutions and development of corporate identities for tourism and sports businesses
  • development of advertising campaigns and their implementation
  • developing marketing concepts
  • undertaking research both at local and international levels
  • evaluation, planning and realisation
  • providing professional photographic and film material


Dr. Srečko Devjak

Management and law

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Tomaž Gaube

Marketing Management and creative solutions

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