Leading Partners
Mag. Damjan Pintar

Sports marketing and management

si _European Union

Prof. Alain Ferrand

Sports marketing and management

fr  _European Union

Marzena Bogdanowich

Sports Marketing and Management

gb _European Union

Stephan Penz

Sports Management

de _European Union

DI Andreas Berchtold

Landscape Architecture and Mountain Resort Planning

at  _European Union

Dr. Asoka Jinadasa

Empowering People through Human Energy Science


Dr. Srečko Devjak

Management and law

si _European Union

Jan Pintar

Architecture, Design and Creative seeking

si _European Union

Janez Antolinc


Slovenia _European Union

Jurica Sudac

Software development and project managment

hr _European Union

Marco Mazzi

Tourism Management and Travel Services

it _European Union

Melanie Kaindl

Strategic marketing and product development for ski resorts

de _European Union

Aleksander Gošnak

Hospitality Signage and Wayfinding planning specialist

si _European Union

Tomaž Gaube

Marketing Management and creative solutions

si _European Union

Urs Buerki

Specialized Tourism Services