During his four visits in Pristina, in March, May, July and October 2016, Olympic Solidarity consultant and SporTour expert Damjan Pintar worked together with the President of the Kosovo National Olympic Committee Mr Besan Hasani and his advisor for Rio 2016 Olympic Games Ms Elda Gjoka, to help NOC Kosovo prepare their first comprehensive marketing program.

In March, after almost a week of intense work, the first draft, based on the experiences and models from other countries from all around the globe with modifications tailored to the Kosovo market, was presented to the NOC Kosovo Executive Board. The draft gained the Board’s approval and Mr. Hasani’s team moved on to the next step presenting the draft to potential partners from Kosovo, Slovenia and Italy with the purpose of performing a test before the Rio 2016 marketing campaign would be launched.

Continuing the work made during his visit in March, Damjan Pintar visited Pristina again in May to help Mr Besim Hasani and his Team finalize offers and agreements and actively engage in meetings with potential business partners.

With Ms Elda Gjoka busy customizing the level of partnership agreements based on the IOC template to the needs of each potential business partner, Damjan Pintar and Besim Hasani moved on to follow up on the already ongoing negotiations and commence new ones.

Particularly successful meetings were held with Mr Sami Ahmeti – the owner of Sirius hotel who agreed to collaborate with NOC Kosovo.
In July, Damjan Pintar participated in several training sessions, including best anti-ambush practices, and a few business meetings – among other – the signing of agreement with NOC Kosovo new general exclusive partner – Mabetex Group.

Following the arrangements made with Drilon Ahmet – Director of Sirius hotel during the previous visits, a meeting was held to further discuss partnership between NOC Kosovo and Sirius hotel – now acting as the official hotel for the Kosovo Olympic Committee.

Damjan Pintar also organized a meeting with Stephan Penz, a SporTour expert and the Director of DSA Deutsche Sportausweis to investigate possible cooperation and partnership between NOC Kosovo and DSA.

The key point of the July visit and an extremely important step for the Olympic movement in Kosovo was the signing of the agreement between NOC Kosovo and Mabetex Group – a global engineering and construction company that decided to take on the general exclusive partner role for NOC Kosovo for the next four years.

During his October visit Damjan Pintar was again joined by the Director of International Sport Pass, also a SporTour expert, Stefan Penz from Germany to finalize Letter of Intent for development of sport pass for all the athletes from Kosovo. The sport pass would enable them, their clubs, federations, NOC Kosovo and Ministry of Sports to utilize the benefits of ISP in Europe and introduce more structure into their actions.

Together with the President of NOC Kosovo – Besim Hasani, Damjan Pintar visited also Selim Pacoli of Mabetex –the general exclusive partner of NOC Kosovo to discuss marketing opportunities and challenges in the upcoming quadrennial.

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