• CIJM After the meeting with members of NOC Algeria

  • CIJM management seminar participants

  • ICMG management course session

Knowledge transfer within the international sphere

Sport management seminar in Rome


With the expansion of SporTour, organising international sports events has become one of our core activities. Our market lead in this field is assured by renowned experts, marketing and negotiations specialist, Damjan Pintar and professor Alain Ferrand, University of Poitiers. In Autumn 2014 they were the keynote speakers at the Sport Management Seminar in Rome.

The seminar was organised in cooperation with the International Committee for Mediterranean Games (ICMG) and hosted by the prestigious Italian faculty which operates within The Italian Olympic Committee (CONI). It was an outstanding opprtunity for the SporTour’s professionals to share their knowledge and ideas with representatives of National Olympic Committees from the southern Mediterranean countries: Albania, Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Malta, Syria, Tunisia, Macedonia, Croatia, San Marino and Turkey. The seminar sessions and workshops addressed organisational management of large sports events, management of volunteers, marketing, sponsorship strategies and cultural characteristics within the negotiation process. New experiences, netowrks and knowledge aquaired in the course of the seminar are already being employed in SporTour’s every day work.