Sport is a universal language. It is becoming recognised in all sectors, not just as a business tool but as a generator of life quality. Efficient transfer of knowledge helps effective and faster development of sport. A rapid development of sports businesses is achieved where the knowledge transferred is straight forward, of a high quality and meets the client’s needs.

SporTour’s professional business network enables a bridge to be created between different activities and sectors worldwide.

Areas of our expertise
  • Preparation and implementation of strategies and business programs for sport organizations and top athletes.
  • Professional athlete representation and assistance in the preparation of marketing programs for athletes and sport organizations.
  • Planning and execution of sport competitions
Planing and execution of sport events
  • Spatial and organizational planning of sports competitions.
  • Preparation and implementation of marketing programs for sports competitions and events.
  • Selection and coordination of management teams.
  • Managing competition sites and associated facilities with fixed and mobile solutions.
  • Sponsoring program solutions for companies and sport organisations.


Damjan Pintar Ph.D.
Damjan Pintar Ph.D.

Sports marketing and management

Prof. Alain Ferrand

Sports marketing and management

Marzena Bogdanowich

Sports Marketing and Management

Stephan Penz

Sports Management