Throughout the decades tourism development and its rapid growth has become an important factor in raising people’s awareness and experience of new activities, environments and skills. Due to the far-reaching benefits tourism provides, a growing number of countries have preserved natural and cultural resources and have made tourism development a priority.

The prospective of tourism businesses are closely reliant on knowledge, innovation and network connections. The SporTour professional business network offers tourism businesses one of the best foundations to develop local and regional prospects.

Areas of our expertise
  • Development of strategies for companies and destinations to measurably improve business and outcomes.
  • Consultancy regarding product development and launch for specialist tourism businesses.
  • Development of marketing programs, destination and business networks on the international stage.
  • Assistance in identifying and securing specialised business partners.
  • Implementation of marketing approaches to fully exploit the potential of companies and destinations, maximising their accommodation and facilities.
  • Advising accommodation providers with regards out-of-season business potential.
  • Consulting on strengthening the brand within domestic and international markets.
Counselling and realisation of sport and sport related events and programs
  • Preparation and execution of sport and recreation marketing programs.
  • Preparation and execution of prophylactic programs with sport content.
  • Preparation and execution of top athlete´s preparation and rehabilitation.
  • Services for sports activities and events e.g. travel, accommodation, VIP program tickets, business meetings.
  • Organising study and seminar tours.
  • Guidance regarding the use of sponsorship as an effective marketing tool.


Damjan Pintar Ph.D.
Damjan Pintar Ph.D.

Sports marketing and management

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Marco Mazzi

Tourism Management and Travel Services

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Urs Buerki

Specialized Tourism Services